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Flaxwood Festival ..... the biggest since Woodstock !
Tributes to Murray Wood and Hans Schuitman
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Tributes to Murray Wood and Hans Schuitman
Headline Artists to feature at Flaxwood Festival 2014  (Sunday, March 02nd, 2014)

Peter Caulton

Peter Caulton's Bio
  Woolston Brass

Woolston Brass Bio

Peter Nelson and The Castaways

Peter Nelson and The Castaways' Bio
  Anthony Easterbrook-Carter

Anthony's Bio
  Johnny Campbell and The Detours

Johnny Campbell and The Detours' Bio
  Tamara Williams

Tamara's Bio

Outpost 42 New Zealand's Troup of the 501st Star Wars Legion (Vader's Fist)

Outpost 42 New Zealand Garrison
Flaxwood Festival 2014 - Compère John Dunne

John Dunne