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Tributes to Murray Wood and Hans Schuitman
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Tributes to Murray Wood and Hans Schuitman

Dr Annie Chen-Green
Christchurch is fortunate to be home to a sworn Medical Professional who has selflessly dedicated her life to helping anyone who has "slipped through the cracks" of our conventional support and welfare systems.  Dr Annie Chen-Green  (pictured left)  is a General Practitioner working from a practice in Belfast, but whose good works extend all over Christchurch, but especially at this time, into the Eastern Suburbs of our earthquake ravaged city, the areas which now most desperately need our fullest support. Click for the One-2-One Charitable Trust's website ....

Dr Annie's vehicle for implementing her work is the One-2-One Charitable Trust which has made such an incredible difference in the lives of so many disadvantaged Cambodians, and this will remain her on-going focus moving into the future, but, in the meantime, as our city attempts to move forward from the recent disastrous sequence of earthquakes that have beset us, Annie has deployed her resources to feed clothe and counsel anyone who has, for any number of reasons, found themself ineligible to receive any benefit or assistance from the recognised support agencies and organisations which exist in our city.

The resources which Dr Annie has amassed include a food bank, and provision of clothing, blankets and other of life's necessities.  These items are acquired from a network of supporters, but she also trains individuals to grow small crops (this is all done in her own garden).  The focus is self-sufficiency.

Another essential aspect of Annie's concern is for those who do not fit the conventional support organisation criteria, and who thus become seriously displaced from any kind of "normal" existence.  Her network of contacts will inevitably enable these persons to be connected with like-minded individuals and Non-Government Organisations who do provide care for needy individuals.  These may include persons requiring all kinds of support, extending to mental issues as well as the simple provision of necessities.

Flaxwood Festival proudly supports Dr Annie Chen-Green's crusade to help everyone she can, and we particularly acknowledge her tireless work (mostly at her own personal expense) to see people in need made comfortable, and motivated sufficiently to improve their own situations as best they can.
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