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Flaxwood Festival .....  the greatest since Woodstock !
Tributes to Murray Wood and Hans Schuitman
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The name of this Festival was changed from Flaxton Festival to Flaxwood Festival in Murray Wood's perpetual honour.
Tributes to Murray Wood and Hans Schuitman

Auctioning guitars signed by famous stars has become synonymous with Flaxwood Festival, and the following are the items which have been successfully sold over the course of the event to date.

2011  —  Flaxwood Festival's first guitar auction.  It featured a Concertor W 601 K guitar which former Deputy Mayor of Christchurch, Norm Withers, had owned since he was a lad.  Norm very kindly decided to donate the instrument (which was signed in 2010 by Cliff Richard and The Shadows, on their final reunion tour), to Flaxwood Festival.  The instrument sold for an amazing $10,000.00 to a local businessman and philanthropist, and this remains the Festival record sale.

2012  —  TWO Fender Stratocasters with pickguards signed by two of the most highly recognised guitarists of the era were auctioned.  The first Stratocaster, finshed in textured charcoal grey, was signed by ERIC CLAPTON and it returned $5,600.00 to Flaxwood Festival, whilst the second Stratocaster in famous Sea Foam Green, was signed by the legendary JEFF BECK, and it returned $3,500.00 to the Festival.

2013  —  and yet another Fender Stratocaster was put forward for auction on the day, with a pre-placed bid coming from on-line activity, and being taken as the auction's opening bid.  This particular Strat had a pickguard signed by none other than 60s pop super-hero -- the amazing RAY DAVIES of The Kinks.  The item returned $3,000.00 to Flaxwood Festival.

2014  —  the year's highly sought-after guitar was yet another Fender Stratocaster (but this time a '62 Vintage re-issue model) with pickguard signed by THE BOSS - the incomparable BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN.  The item was purchased by another local businessman and sold for $2,350.00

Each guitar offered for auction at Flaxwood Festival, carried the organisors' unconditional guarantee of authenticity, and was sold complete with appropriate provenance documentation.